Incinerator Calculations for Bunker Capacity

Basic Info.

Model NO.:hospital diesel fuel fired incinerators
Export Markets:Global

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Technology Respond(FAQ) 

Q: What is kind of waste may utilize within this gear?  A: This gear to medical waste, pet creature, Municipal waste, reside squander. Prohibit any explosive and radiation substance, liquid waste and gas waste.  GB18484-2001.  The animal/pet combustion rate around 2/3 of average capacity. 

Clover incinerator utilize time per day up to 24 hours. Between every feed/combustion time, you will find approximately 0.5-1 hours cooling time plus time for feeding squander. Actual combustion time per day is about 16 hours. The lifetime of incinerator involving 5-10 year according to utilize. 

Ordinarily, we proposal little laboratory, little clinic use capacity under 20 kgs per hour. When incinerator use in hospital, please compute the waste output around 2kgs per people per day. Medical waste furnace, animal waste incinerator maker, national incinerator, incinerator installation demonstration, medical incinerator prices, in case there are 200 sickbed in the hospital, that’s mean you need one incinerator capacity around 400kgs per day, change to capacity each hour is around 30-40 kgs per hour. According the operation time per day, waste material, funding, development, etc, you may use capacity from 30-50 kgs each hour incinerator.  *How to compute Animal Cremation Burn Rate: 2/3 of this medical waste. 

Q: Assembly and Testing  A: We supply all files and incinerators easy to installation and operation. Customer can send people come to our factory to find out installation and operation. Generally, We do not send engineer to neighborhood website if not ask. The dispatch price is extra according to order. 

Q: Combustion Temperature  A: The first combustion chamber: 800-1000 centi degree.  The next combustion chamber: 1000-1200 centi degree. 

Q: Incinerator Control Mode  A: Default Control manner is common control instance. PLC mode according to order and model. 

Q: Operation and maintenance costs  A: Operation price according to fuel consumption rate and power/staff, etc. 

Annual around $500-$1000USD annually maintenance according version, utilize situation. 

One person can service 02 unit incinerators. The staff should have basic electrician understanding to operate/inspect/maintaince incinerator/burner/blower according to operation user guider, and know risk of medical waste to safeguard worker self with essential protection component. 

Q: The Residency time in combustion chamber  A: 02 sec.

Q: The Residency time in secondary combustion chamber 
A: 02 sec.

Items Specification
Burn Rate 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour 100 kg/hour
Model TS10(PLC) / TS20(PLC) / TS30(PLC) / TS50(PLC) / TS100(PLC)
Main Product List Double Combustion Chamber
Smoke Filter Chamber
PLC Mode Control Case
Stainless Steel Chimney
Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units
Oil Tank (if oil fuel)